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CEN Biotech, Inc. is a global holding company—dedicated to identifying and developing alternative approaches. One example is our work investigating Treatments, Therapies, Nutritional Health and Consumer products utilizing hemp.

With core operations in North America, Eastern Europe and China, CEN Biotech is continually developing its dynamic and unique businesses, by leveraging exclusive relationships with governments and private enterprises, around the world. In addition to the Company’s focus on improving the health and wellness of people, CEN Biotech also has proprietary technologies with widespread commercial application in the Industrial, Automotive, and Agriculture sectors.

Looking ahead, CEN Biotech will continue its aggressive pursuit of health improvement, patentable technologies, strategic partnerships, and investment opportunities—all designed to enhance its global portfolio and shareholder value.

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What We Do

Over the past 3 years CEN Biotech completed the spin-out from its old parent company and has been a fully audited and reporting company with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  The company has effectively transformed its business strategy to be a holding company by; (a) developing important relationships and (b) performing angel funding in Canada and overseas.  These activities were performed for the purpose of exploring opportunities and creating acquisition targets.  In addition, CEN Biotech has also acquired patented LED Lighting technology it plans to manufacture and sell globally.

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