About CEN Biotech

CEN Biotech, Inc. is a global holding company—dedicated to identifying and developing alternative approaches. One example is our work investigating Treatments, Therapies, Nutritional Health and Consumer products utilizing hemp.

With core operations in North America, Eastern Europe and China, CEN Biotech is continually developing its dynamic and unique businesses, by leveraging exclusive relationships with governments and private enterprises, around the world. In addition to the Company’s focus on improving the health and wellness of people, CEN Biotech also has proprietary technologies with widespread commercial application in the Industrial, Automotive, and Agriculture sectors.

Looking ahead, CEN Biotech will continue its aggressive pursuit of health improvement, patentable technologies, strategic partnerships, and investment opportunities—all designed to enhance its global portfolio and shareholder value.

Board of Directors

Bill Chaaban
Bahige (Bill) Chaaban, age 46, is our President and Interim CEO. He also is the CHair of the Board. Previously, Mr. Chaaban served as the chief executive officer of CEN Biotech from the company’s inception in August 2013 until July, 2017. Mr. Chaaban also serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of CEN Biotech Ukraine LLC, since November, 2014.

Richard Boswell
Richard Boswell, age 52, is our Senior Executive Vice president and a member of our Board since July 2017. Mr. Boswell has 25 years of management experience working with companies of various sizes from start-ups through Fortune 10 listed organizations. His vast array of experience includes multiple industries…

Brian S. Payne
Brian Payne, age 50, is our Vice President and a member of our Board since July 2017. Mr. Payne also worked for the Company since July, 2015 as our marketing consultant. Mr. Payne is a business and community leader with over 25 years’ experience in domestic and global supply chains, trade…

Usamakh Saadikh
Dr. Usamakh Saadikh, age 53, is a member of our Board since June 2018. He is the Vice President of International Business Development. Dr. Saadikh has many government and business contacts throughout the Middle East and Europe that are important for CEN Biotech’s international development strategy. Dr. Saadikh holds a PhD from Moscow Institute of Applied Biotechnology.

Alex Tarrabain
Alex TarrabainVice President and CFO
Alex Tarrabain, age 54, is our Chief Financial Officer and a member of our Board since July 2017. Between 1981 and 1985, Mr. Tarrabain served as a Youth/Childcare Counsellor for the Government of Alberta. Between 1990 and 1991, Mr. Tarrabain articled with Ernst & Young Chartered Accountants. Between 1991 and 1995, Mr. Tarrabain later served as the Senior Accountant for…

Donald W. Strilchuck
Donald W. StrilchuckDIRECTOR
Donald W. Strilchuck, age 58, is a member of our Board since July 2017. Mr. Strilchuck has also been a security advisor to CEN Biotech since its inception in August 2013. Prior to being a security advisor to CEN Biotech Mr. Strilchuck was retired from the Windsor Police Department after 32 years, March 2012.

Harold Aubrey De Lavenu
Harold Aubrey De LavenuDIRECTOR
Harold Aubrey De Lavenu, age 53, is a member of our Board since July 2017. Mr. Aubrey De Lavenu is a successful businessman with military background, currently based in the South of Portugal. Mr. Aubrey De Lavenu has been the director of his company, Hammers ‘n’ Blades, since September, 2002.

Ameen Ferris
Ameen FerrisDIRECTOR
Ameen Ferris, age 50, is a member of our Board since July 2017. Mr. Ferris is a successful entrepreneur who has founded numerous retail/wholesale companies, and brands. In 1991, Mr. Ferris founded the retail chain, Healthy’s Nutrition (“Healthy’s”), a specialty retail company focusing on quality health supplements.

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