Hemp Growing and Processing

We are a grower and processor of hemp and its derivatives, including:

  • Cold press technology to produce natural full spectrum hemp oil.

  • Fiber separation to create materials for industrial, automotive and aerospace applications.

  • Raw materials for functional ingredients in food and beverage applications.

LED Lighting Technologies

Our LED lighting division intends to penetrate current LED markets with our groundbreaking patented LED technology. This specialized patented technology will replace current outdated LED lighting technology.

  • Our LED technology generates very little heat and does not require cooling system or heat syncs to operate.

  • Our technology uses significantly less power than traditional lighting or current LED technologies. It will work with both traditional power grids and unstable systems that may be supported by solar and wind generation, providing potential lighting solutions in developing nations.

  • Our technology can be used in horticulture, automotive, street lighting, office lighting and other applications.

Connect With Us

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